UX Analyst

DoWhatWorks is looking for a UX Analyst. Click here to apply.

If you are passionate about growth, experimentation, or customer behavior we want to work with you.

DoWhatWorks is reinventing how companies acquire customers. We already work with six of the top streaming brands, three Fortune 500 SaaS companies, two top learning apps and are growing fast.

We’ve invented a patented technology that detects thousands of split tests to help growth and product leaders at some of the world’s top companies grow faster.

We are looking for an analyst to leverage the technology to deliver analysis for companies in key sectors. In this role, you will get unique insights into how major companies run experiments and acquire new customers.

Our engine detects thousands of experiments a year. You will evaluate the experiments our engine discovered, confirm their value and publish them to our clients via a dashboard, alerts, and articles. You will also assess patterns across experiments to discover what actually drives growth and what is a passing fad.

An ideal candidate is:

  • Passionate about growth / product-led growth / product / marketing
  • Loves pattern recognition
  • Entrepreneurial, self-directed & reliable
  • Detail-oriented & exceptionally well organized – Gets things done at high quality on time
  • Deeply curious about human behavior and how experimentation can be used to understand what makes people tick
  • Strong written communicator
  • Experienced working in research / UX / product is a plus
  • Education in business, social science science or engineering is a plus
  • Active on online communities focused on product / growth / experimentation is a plus

This is a full time remote role.

If this sounds exciting to you, you can apply here!